[erlang-patches] proplists: Correct some specs

Fredrik <>
Mon Dec 17 10:26:37 CET 2012

Hello Kostis!
These files are updated manually.

BR Fredrik Gustafsson
Erlang OTP Team
On 12/14/2012 10:10 PM, Kostis Sagonas wrote:
> On 12/14/2012 04:28 PM, Fredrik wrote:
>> First of all, it is `make release_docs` that fails, i.e the
>> documentation building.
>> Did you try to build the documentation?
> No, I had not done so before this mail. But now I have and I can 
> verify the failure you are getting.
> The problem is that I cannot fix it.
> I issued a 'make release_docs' command and it seems that this does not 
> re=generate the .xml files (stdlib/doc/src/proplists.xml in 
> particular) so whatever documentation I change in the 
> src/proplists.erl file, the change does not get reflected in the .xml 
> file.
> In fact, it seems that these files are part of github and actually 
> pretty old (proplists.xml is more than two years old !?!?). 
> Apparently, the information in them refers to names of variables in 
> specs of the .erl file.  This does not feel right...
> How does one re-create the .xml files?  Because 'make release_docs' 
> does not seem to have any effect on them...
> Kostis

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