[erlang-patches] Patch for dialyzer complaining on certain binary comprehensions

Ivan Dubrov <>
Thu Jul 14 12:03:47 CEST 2011


Please consider the patch to the dialyzer to suppress warnings emitted 
on certain binary comprehensions, like << <<>> || {A, B} <- [{a, b}] >>, 
caused by compiler-emitted default clause. Dialyzer already have a code 
that suppresses the warning for regular list comprehensions, but it does 
not work for binary comprehensions.

Unfortunately, I did not understood how to implement a test case for 
dialyzer, so I have not created one. Attached is a test file, run 
"dialyzer test.erl" to get the warning:
    test.erl:7: The pattern <[_ | _], _> can never match the type 

Fetch fix from:

git fetch git://github.com/idubrov/otp.git dialyzer_bincomp_bug

Ivan S. Dubrov

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