[erlang-patches] git pull requests

Anthony Ramine <>
Tue Aug 16 08:13:15 CEST 2011


My understanding is that they won't use pull requests because they are
impractical with regard to how they work with a 'proposed update' branch.

Why issue a pull request if you are never to hit the merge button? The OTP
team will never merge your branch into dev directly but they won't either
test your branch alone, they will just let it bake into pu and maybe one day
merge it into dev, I think there would be way too much pending pull requests
on GitHub for this feature to be any useful.

But that's just my two cents anyway.

Le 16 août 2011 à 00:10, Garrett Smith a écrit :

> In README.md:
> "We prefer to receive proposed updates via email on the erlang-patches
> mailing list rather than through a pull request. Pull requests are not
> practical because we have a strict policy never to merge any untested
> changes to the development branch..."
> Apart from this statement being puzzling (pull requests don't prevent
> testing prior to pushing to public repos), it seems like pull requests
> are being used to submit patches.
> If git pull requests are acceptable, would it make sense to update README.md?
> I'd happily submit a pull request for this change, but, well :)
> Garrett
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