[erlang-patches] trivia

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Aug 9 08:38:04 CEST 2011

Andrew Thompson> >> I don't think the correction of 'a ssl socket' to
Andrew Thompson> >> 'an ssl socket' are correct.

Henrik Nord> > Agree, it should be "a ssl socket" and "a ssl server"

Christian> I still believe "an ssl" is correct.  English is not my native 
Christian> language,

English is my native language. I would write "An SSL socket". I.e.
'an' and capitalised SSL. I would do that for the reasons Christian
referenced and also because this is what the RFC does.

  >grep -ic "an SSL" rfc2246.txt
  tmp >grep -ic "a SSL" rfc2246.txt

Andrew and Henrik, if you still "I don't think" and "I still believe", can
you provide some evidence for you beliefs?

Fixing the Swenglish in the OTP docs is a good thing. Thanks for doing
it, Christian.


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