[erlang-patches] Serge's ei float patch

Björn-Egil Dahlberg <>
Mon May 31 12:08:08 CEST 2010

This looks good but I have some concerns:

  - Aesthetics, coding convention: please refrain from C++ commenting.

  - Distribution flags, the DFLAG_NEW_FLOATS option should be enabled in
    lib/erl_interface/src/connect/ei_connect.c: static int 
    See lib/erl_interface/src/connect/ei_connect_int.h and 
lib/kernel/src/dist.hrl for some details.

   - I think that "legacy" should include this as well. It should, 
unless someone can think of a reason not to include it.

Anyway, with DFLAGS_NEW_FLOATS flag enabled the code would be tested as 
well which is a necessity in order for it to be included in the otp relase.


On 2010-05-30 02:44, Steve Vinoski wrote:
> This is a submission of Serge Aleynikov's ei patch that implements
> binary encoding for floats:
> git fetch git://github.com/vinoski/otp.git serge_new_float_ext
> Note there are two commits on this branch: 3b3bae9 and a1ae64e. One
> just fixes a typo in the ei_decode_ei_term documentation -- I kept
> that commit separate since it's independent. The other commit is
> Serge's original R12B-2 patch adjusted as needed for the current code
> base and with the addition of fixing all areas across Erlang/OTP
> affected by the change. The only exception is that I didn't change
> erl_marshal.c because it's "legacy" so I'm not sure it has to handle
> this new encoding or not.
> If anyone wants to see the exact changes for each commit, the links to
> the two commits are:
> http://github.com/vinoski/otp/commit/3b3bae9397b405ce5e782d684ed88e0442eab65e
> http://github.com/vinoski/otp/commit/a1ae64e5c30f89a2c6b9d1b83777a72235ffc003
> --steve
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