[erlang-patches] Submitting patches via git format-patch/git am

Winston Smith <>
Tue Feb 9 22:44:40 CET 2010

2010/2/9 Björn Gustavsson <>:
> When I said that, I assumed that you meant *inlined* patches.
> Inlined patches in an email message can be reviewed and
> commented on easily and a several patches in a series
> can be saved to a mail folder and applied in one go.

Yes, that makes sense!

> I see no advantages with *attached* patches.
> Was I too vague in my second paragraph? What I meant
> was that we prefer to be able to do "git fetch", because
> inlined patches may be corrupted by the email client and
> we would constantly need to ask people to re-send them.

I did understand what you meant, however I assumed that by attaching,
I thought I'd avoid any possible corruption!

> So if you know how to send patches inline without your
> email client garbling them (or using "git send-email"),
> feel free to send them that way. But please avoid
> attached patches.

Absolutely, I've installed git send-email and I'll use it next time.

Thanks for the guidance.

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