[erlang-patches] Fix wrong spec for ets:new/2 in HiPE/dialyzer

Kostis Sagonas <>
Mon Dec 20 12:05:32 CET 2010

Jesper Louis Andersen wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 10:20, Kostis Sagonas <> wrote:
>> Your Erlang code is ok, but please change some things in the comment:
>> ...
>> If you do these changes, your patch can be included as is in 'dev'.
> I'll let cooking be up to you to decide :) Personally I was aiming for
> a cooking in 'pu' first - mind you, I have not executed the test cases
> on it, partially because I don't know what tests to narrow it down to.
> It would seem easy to include in 'pu' for a batch of testing and then
> just grad it to 'dev'. But as I said, your call.
> Ammended patch is refetchable at,
> git fetch git://github.com/jlouis/otp.git fix-hipe-spec-ets-new

I've tested this patch and it is OK.  It can be included as is in 'dev'.


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