[erlang-patches] Add spec for base64:encode_binary/1

Kostis Sagonas <>
Wed Aug 18 13:26:25 CEST 2010

Paul Oliver wrote:
> Dialyzer was reporting that use of base64:encode(Foo :: binary()) had spec
> binary() -> <<_:_*1>>.  The binary comprehension in base64:encode seems to
> result in the return type of <<_:_*1>>.  The patch below enforces a return
> type of binary().

Sorry, but I cannot understand your mail... Can you elaborate a bit?

First of all, dialyzer cannot be reporting what you are claiming because 
the spec of base64:encode/1 is:

   -spec encode(string() | binary()) -> binary().

You are probably referring to some other function...

Looking at your patch, it seems that it refers to base64:encode_binary/1 
which is a *module-local* function, not an exported one. Why do you feel 
the need to add a spec to this function? What exactly is it that changes 
in your use case?


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