[erlang-patches] What's cooking in erlang/otp (2009-12-11)

Alex Suraci <>
Sat Dec 12 18:49:39 CET 2009

On Dec 11, 2009, at 12:08 PM, Björn Gustavsson wrote:

> [Cooking]
> * as/c_nc-fix (stdlib) (2009-11-29) 1 commit
> - Fix c:nc to use outdir or cwd to find compiled object file (0d4f83c)
> I think there should be a test case before we graduate this topic,
> so that we'll know that it will continue to work.

I've just made a fix to my patch. Should I just make another commit or amend my previous commit (if that's possible)?

Also, re: a test case, I'm working on adding one into lib/stdlib/test/c_SUITE.erl, mirroring the c_X tests. Can't quite figure out how to just run single testcases, though. My guesses with test:run are thus far unfruitful. I'm trying ts:run(stdlib, c, nc_2, [batch]), but it fails just as swiftly as with junk suite names. I must have it wrong.

- Alex

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