What's cooking in erlang/otp (2009-12-11)

Björn Gustavsson <>
Fri Dec 11 18:08:58 CET 2009

The .gitignore files have been updated, so that
the output of "git status" is now much cleaner. To also
exclude directories with target dependent names
created by the "configure" script (such as
"i386-apple-darwin10.2.0"), add the name of the
directory to the file .git/info/exclude.

If you have forked the erlang/otp repository and cloned
your fork, you might be asking yourself: "How do I pull
in the latest changes from the erlang/otp repository?"
The answer can be found here:



* bg/slimmer-history (compiler, erts) (2009-12-02) 2 commits
 + beam_makepos: Do not put any dates in generated files (47bd30c)
 + compiler: Teach 'slim' to omit compilation info (12ce303)

* po/blowfish_ecb_cbc_ofb (crypto) (2009-12-03) 2 commits
 + Add Blowfish tests (b113de7)
 + Add Blowfish ECB, CBC and OFB modes (8ca11d9)

[New topics]

* bg/compiler-bopt-bug (compiler) (2009-12-10) 1 commit
 - Fix crash in beam_bool (af198c4)

* bg/on_load (erts, kernel, otp) (2009-12-10) 2 commits
 - Test on_load functions that don't return 'ok' (d523ce8)
 - Change the expected return value for on_load functions (7390bb7)

A backwards-incompatible improvement of the experimental
on_load mechanism. It will soon be graduated to the development

* bw/win32-address-space-fix (erts) (2009-12-10) 1 commit
 -  win32 mmap emulation for mseg support + largeaddressaware linking (357167e)


* as/c_nc-fix (stdlib) (2009-11-29) 1 commit
 - Fix c:nc to use outdir or cwd to find compiled object file (0d4f83c)

I think there should be a test case before we graduate this topic,
so that we'll know that it will continue to work.

* at/odbc_osx_fix (odbc) (2009-11-30) 1 commit
 - Workaround broken ODBC implementation on OSX 10.5 (88c71c9)

* bd/http_chunk_fix (inets) (2009-11-27) 1 commit
 - http_chunk data handling/passing improvement. (c2553be)

* bg/otp_build-improvements (otp, stdlib) (2009-12-02) 3 commits
 - Support updating the primary bootstrap in a git repository (6840b32)
 - Determine which VCS is being used (5770b7b)
 - stdlib makefile: Add explicit rule (b197d92)

* cf/epp-macro-overloading (otp, stdlib) (2009-12-10) 4 commits
 - update the documentation on preprocessor in the reference manual (162ec27)
 - epp: change rules to choose the right version of a macro (8dcc9f8)
 - epp: Add support of macros overloading (f7a8959)
 - epp: fix bug in the function scan_undef (52543e0)

Extend the pre-processor to allow overloading of macros with
the same name but different arities. Now with documentation.

* db/tv_nthtail_fix (tv) (2009-12-01) 1 commit
 - Fix for tv which restarts while trying to open a table (bfc18a8)

We will cook this topic for a while and include it in the next
release unless someone finds a problem with it or a better fix.

* po/odbc-update-delete-no-rows (odbc) (2009-11-26) 1 commit
 - SQL_NO_DATA and SQLSTATE 00000 indicate success for updates/deletes that affect no rows (1a564f8)

* sc/sctp_connect_enhancement (erts, kernel) (2009-12-02) 2 commits
 - Implement a non-blocking gen_sctp:connect (92f3cee)
 - Correctly type sctp_assoc_id as signed, not unsigned (2666b68)

Raimo (the maintainer of the sctp code in OTP) is quite busy
with the new erlang.org site (demo.erlang.org), so there might
be a while before he will look at this branch, but it will
definitely happen before the next release.

* sc/ssl_pkix_extensions (ssl) (2009-12-02) 1 commit
 - Fix crash when decoding commercial certificates (31ccb1d)

The pkix stuff is in the ssl application is deprecated and has
been replaced with public key application. That functionality
in public_key is also documented.

It seems unlikely that we will include this branch in OTP, but we will
keep it in 'pu' for a little while longer.

* tc/premodern-fpe (erts) (2009-12-08) 2 commits
 - Add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS on Darwin platforms (ea2fae6)
 - Test for reliable fpes on Darwin platforms without DARWIN_MODERN_MCONTEXT (b95cf92)

Reliable floating point exceptions is necessary for hipe to
be enabled. I can confirm that hipe can now be enabled on
Snow Leopard (10.6) and that it speeds up building of the
Dialyzer PLT.

This branch depends on functionality that is deprecated
in Mac OS 10.6, so it might be necessary to find another solution
when 10.7 will be released (in case it removes the deprecated

We would like to hear about how this patch works on older versions
of Mac OS X. It is known to work on Tiger/PPC.

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