[erlang-patches] wrong arg in call to erts_smp_block_system

Romain Lenglet <>
Tue Nov 25 13:21:37 CET 2008

In the emulator, the erts_smp_block_system() function takes as an argument a 
bit field, which can be a combination of flags ERTS_BS_FLG_ALLOW_GC, 
The call to erts_smp_block_system() in erl_process.c passes a wrong argument, 
ERTS_ACTIVITY_IO, which is an unrelated enum value.
Attached is a one-line patch for R12B-5.
The same bug was already there in R12B-4.
Fortunately, this bug seems not critical as this call is used only to protect 
the calculation of the number of reductions, in the statistics/1 BIF.
Best regards,
Romain Lenglet
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