[erlang-bugs] app file documentation of included_applications

Siri Hansen <>
Fri Jan 31 12:21:05 CET 2014

Hi Michael,

I'm very sorry for the late response! I just had a look at this, and I'm
wondering in which context you see this? If you call application:start, it
will surely not start any dependencies at all - it might, however, complain
if any dependencies of the given application are not already started.

application:ensure_all_started, on the other hand,  will start all
dependencies of the given application (recursively), but as far as I can
see it will not start any dependencies of included_applications.

Could you please give an example?


2013-11-16 Michael Truog <>:

>  Hi,
> The documentation at: http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/app.html
> For included_applications says: "All applications which are included by
> this application. When this application is started, all included
> application will automatically be loaded, but not started, by the
> application controller. It is assumed that the topmost supervisor of the
> included application is started by a supervisor of this application."
> What it does not say, is that all the application dependencies of the
> included_applications are started automatically for you. While that
> handling of included_applications makes sense, it would be good to make
> explicit in the documentation, so people aren't led to believe they must
> start included_application dependencies manually (or so that they don't use
> included_applications if they do want to start the whole application
> manually).
> Thanks,
> Michael
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