[erlang-bugs] R16 breaks dots

Joseph Wayne Norton <>
Sat Mar 30 08:45:13 CET 2013

Josh -

I'm just curious but shouldn't quoted atoms work for your needs?

  'console.log'("Hello from erlang", 1, 2, "More string here", TildePMe)


Joe N.

On Mar 30, 2013, at 5:34 AM, Josh Marchán <> wrote:

> It's widely known that it's useful to be able to use
> dots/periods/full-stops (choose your dialect) in Erlang code to maximize
> compatibility, specially with more modern languages like JavaScript.
> Unfortunately for the world of Erlang, R16 breaks something that has been
> tremendously useful. I am no longer able to do this:
> console.log("Hello from erlang", 1, 2, "More string here", TildePMe)
> which is leading to a lot of confusion when I regularly switch between
> JavaScript and Erlang.
> I would like to formally request that $. once again become a valid
> character in Erlang identifiers. Until such a time, I regret I must divest
> from version upgrades. I look forward to your response (and prompt bugfix).
> -- 
> Josh Marchán
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