[erlang-bugs] R16 breaks dots

Josh Marchán <>
Fri Mar 29 21:34:06 CET 2013

It's widely known that it's useful to be able to use
dots/periods/full-stops (choose your dialect) in Erlang code to maximize
compatibility, specially with more modern languages like JavaScript.

Unfortunately for the world of Erlang, R16 breaks something that has been
tremendously useful. I am no longer able to do this:

console.log("Hello from erlang", 1, 2, "More string here", TildePMe)

which is leading to a lot of confusion when I regularly switch between
JavaScript and Erlang.

I would like to formally request that $. once again become a valid
character in Erlang identifiers. Until such a time, I regret I must divest
from version upgrades. I look forward to your response (and prompt bugfix).
Josh Marchán
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