[erlang-bugs] R16A : 2 issues in WX driver compilation

Sat Feb 23 10:01:39 CET 2013

Le 22/02/2013 16:48, Patrik Nyblom a écrit :
> I suppose you could try to just edit erts/<your platorm>/config.h after
> you've run configure and remove #define HAVE_FALLOCATE 1, or in some
> other way disable fallocate. Configure should detect that it does not
> work, but the configure test does not do its job in this case. The
> Erlang system does not depend on fallocate, it just tries to use it if
> it exists and works.

Hello Patrick,

That do the trick. Thanks.

I already tried to play with config.h but
by setting
instead of removing the line !

I certainly crossed my eyes between
#if defined !

Note that HAVE_SOMETHING directives can be considered requiring boolean
values  0/1 ... confusing.

Thanks for the help,
meanwhile the configure still not detect that the libc does not
allow fallocate64 and wrongly define HAVE_FALLOCATE ...
OTP team will certainly think it is not very important
as far old libc will vanish one day ...


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