[erlang-bugs] Bug in reltool App Discovery

Siri Hansen <>
Tue Mar 27 11:08:39 CEST 2012

Den 15:11 23. mars 2012 skrev Eric Merritt <>følgende:

> If you have two versions of an application say foo-2.0 and
> foo-3.0, and foo 2.0 is in the root_dir, while foo 3.0 is in a
> lib_dir. In the spec you have specified an app entry with a vsn
> of 3.0, then reltool will fail to find 3.0 basically saying that
> 'foo' or 3.0 could not be found.
> If you then delete 2.0 from the root directory it happly resolves
> 3.0 with no further changes.
> both applications are in the normal OTP App format of <name>-<vsn>
> with a valid app file in ebin specifying the metadata.
> There have been *many* other things that I would consider bugs, but
> may not be depending on your interpretation, but this one seems to be
> pretty obvious.
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Hi Eric! Thanks for reporting this!

When you say you have foo-2.0 in the root_dir, do you mean directly under
the $ROOT or in $ROOT/lib??

Please feel free to list the other issues that you regard as bugs, and I
will have a look at it.

Also, there has been a rather big update of reltool including many bug
fixes in the upcoming R15B01, so maybe some of your issues are already
taken care of... :)

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