[erlang-bugs] Bug in reltool App Discovery

Eric Merritt <>
Fri Mar 23 15:11:53 CET 2012

If you have two versions of an application say foo-2.0 and
foo-3.0, and foo 2.0 is in the root_dir, while foo 3.0 is in a
lib_dir. In the spec you have specified an app entry with a vsn
of 3.0, then reltool will fail to find 3.0 basically saying that
'foo' or 3.0 could not be found.

If you then delete 2.0 from the root directory it happly resolves
3.0 with no further changes.

both applications are in the normal OTP App format of <name>-<vsn>
with a valid app file in ebin specifying the metadata.

There have been *many* other things that I would consider bugs, but
may not be depending on your interpretation, but this one seems to be
pretty obvious.

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