[erlang-bugs] File naming

Christian Faulhammer <>
Thu Nov 11 14:37:26 CET 2010


Lukas Larsson <>:
> The run_test executable has been part of Erlang too long for it to be
> renamed at this point without affecting a lot of projects. It has just
> recently been moved into the default path of an installed Erlang
> system which is probably why you haven't run into this issue before. 

 Ah ok, so I could just remove the symlink into /usr/bin
> It is unfortunate that such a generic name was chosen (ct_run would
> have been better imo) but alas there are too many people depending on
> that name right now.

 You want to carry that cruft for the rest of Erlang's life then?
Deprecate it by providing both and give a warning when called.  Remove
it in 15B or 16B.

> It is also strange that a voice synthesizer software has a exectutable
> called run_test, but I guess they have the same reasons as we do for
> not wanting to change that.

 I discussed with the Gentoo accessibility team and they told me that
run_test is on its way out of speech_dispatcher, they kindly removed
it for me in a newer version.


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