[erlang-bugs] File naming

Fredrik Thulin <>
Thu Nov 11 10:34:00 CET 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 10:21 +0100, Lukas Larsson wrote:
> Hello!
> The run_test executable has been part of Erlang too long for it to be
> renamed at this point without affecting a lot of projects. It has just
> recently been moved into the default path of an installed Erlang system
> which is probably why you haven't run into this issue before. 
> It is unfortunate that such a generic name was chosen (ct_run would have
> been better imo) but alas there are too many people depending on that
> name right now.

Rename 'run_test' to 'ct_test', add a new 'run_test' that prints a
warning and executes 'ct_test' and then remove the 'run_test' completely
in the next major version or two?

I agree with the OP - having a /usr/bin/run_test in my Ubuntu system
that I guess runs a test suite for a voice synthesizer is... suboptimal.


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