[erlang-bugs] About Dialyzer and its dependencies

Roberto Aloi <>
Fri Apr 9 19:47:16 CEST 2010

Hi all,

first of all thanks to Kostis and Mikael for their considerations.

You're both perfectly right. I didn't realize the story behind the
--enable-hipe flag at a first glance. I had hipe disabled, so the system
couldn't find the "optional" modules. I'm trying to fix this, generating
the proper hipe.app file based on the fact hipe is enabled or not.

I'm almost done, but considering it's almost weekend, I'll probably push
the changes on monday.

Have a great weekend,

Roberto Aloi

University of Kent - Erlang Solutions Ltd.
Twitter: @prof3ta
Blog: http://aloiroberto.wordpress.com



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