[erlang-bugs] memory useage bug

Yongbeom Pak <>
Mon Oct 27 10:17:25 CET 2008


I think there is some bugs on handling memory. I was doing out-of-memory
testing on erlang. I was thinking that when out of memory happens it should
kill some processes and run again those processes with supervisor instead of
killing the shell but in the test it kills erl shell. I have tested with
R11B-5 and R12B-4 on 32bit xp and 32bit, 64bit linux. Another thing is that
when erlang start to use swap memory erl shell dies before it is using most
of swap memory. Usually, it dies when it uses more than 1/3 - 1/2 of swap

First test case was selecting huge amount of data from mnesia using guard.
Second test case was recursive list that duplicates the data without
releasing data infinitely.

Addition, what is the reason that R12B-4 consumes more memory than R11B-5?
It almost consumes 2times more than R11B-5.

Best Regards,
Yongbeom Pak
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