[erlang-bugs] minor inconsistency in the startup directory location for werl.exe

Eli Liang <>
Fri Oct 24 22:56:31 CEST 2008

Playing with the ".erlang" file under Windows (Vista), I noticed a minor inconsistency I didn't find documented anywhere. erl.exe and werl.exe are both started by default in "{erlang-root}\bin" when clicking on their program icons in Windows Explorer. However, when running the version of the "Erlang" which is under the Windows Start menu, it is a shortcut which is set by default to start in "{erlang-root}\usr" instead. It's unclear why the Erlang launched via the Windows Start menu should have its default startup directory set differently during the Erlang Windows installation than when launching werl.exe by clicking on the program icon.  (This might only be interesting if you have a different .erlang in "{erlang-root}\bin" vs. "{erlang-root}\usr".)
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