[erlang-bugs] Build fix for some architectures: x86_64 e.g. [resent]

Mikael Pettersson <>
Fri Dec 14 13:39:00 CET 2007

Sergei Golovan writes:
 > On 12/14/07, Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:
 > >
 > > Now, could you please explain why this is needed?
 > > I.e., why does gentoo need this change while (apparently)
 > > everybody else Unix-like doesn't.
 > In fact, erlang refuses (at least refused in the past) to build on
 > certain architectures if included config.sub and config.guess files
 > are used. The problem is that they are not the same and could give
 > different results.

Were these build errors reported here? I don't remember
hearing about this issue before.

 > In R12B-0 there are four such files, some of them are identical. I
 > would better use the same config.guess and config.sub during all OTP
 > build process and wouldn't export TARGET.
 > otp_src_R12B-0% foreach i in `find . -name config.guess` ; do md5sum $i ; done
 > c367ed8d821a2a557091b1e08789c64b  ./lib/erl_interface/src/auxdir/config.guess
 > 981c620f1adb2c5e5300b616af53c6b2  ./lib/common_test/priv/rx-1.5/config.guess
 > 4369ba7115f309d6bc50d358eb2a8c98  ./lib/test_server/src/config.guess
 > c367ed8d821a2a557091b1e08789c64b  ./erts/autoconf/config.guess
 > otp_src_R12B-0% foreach i in `find . -name config.sub` ; do md5sum $i ; done
 > 46b5f22a89ce2f614252be61a5330b02  ./lib/erl_interface/src/auxdir/config.sub
 > c42400b209293cedd01498f0e60a2c9d  ./lib/common_test/priv/rx-1.5/config.sub
 > 297d155d0ebe1c2209f4d3b6859d18ae  ./lib/test_server/src/config.sub
 > 297d155d0ebe1c2209f4d3b6859d18ae  ./erts/autoconf/config.sub

I see. That is indeed a problem.
I think the core OTP group needs to mandate the use of a single
set of config.{guess,sub} files, e.g. the ones in erts/autoconf/,
and then those other groups that "own" the offending components
under lib/ need to migrate to the shared config.{guess,sub} ASAP.

Anyone from Erlang/OTP listening here?


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