[erlang-bugs] Build fix for some architectures: x86_64 e.g. [resent]

Sergei Golovan <>
Fri Dec 14 09:18:45 CET 2007

On 12/14/07, Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:
> Now, could you please explain why this is needed?
> I.e., why does gentoo need this change while (apparently)
> everybody else Unix-like doesn't.

In fact, erlang refuses (at least refused in the past) to build on
certain architectures if included config.sub and config.guess files
are used. The problem is that they are not the same and could give
different results.

In R12B-0 there are four such files, some of them are identical. I
would better use the same config.guess and config.sub during all OTP
build process and wouldn't export TARGET.

otp_src_R12B-0% foreach i in `find . -name config.guess` ; do md5sum $i ; done
c367ed8d821a2a557091b1e08789c64b  ./lib/erl_interface/src/auxdir/config.guess
981c620f1adb2c5e5300b616af53c6b2  ./lib/common_test/priv/rx-1.5/config.guess
4369ba7115f309d6bc50d358eb2a8c98  ./lib/test_server/src/config.guess
c367ed8d821a2a557091b1e08789c64b  ./erts/autoconf/config.guess
otp_src_R12B-0% foreach i in `find . -name config.sub` ; do md5sum $i ; done
46b5f22a89ce2f614252be61a5330b02  ./lib/erl_interface/src/auxdir/config.sub
c42400b209293cedd01498f0e60a2c9d  ./lib/common_test/priv/rx-1.5/config.sub
297d155d0ebe1c2209f4d3b6859d18ae  ./lib/test_server/src/config.sub
297d155d0ebe1c2209f4d3b6859d18ae  ./erts/autoconf/config.sub

Sergei Golovan

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