[eeps] New EEP: setrlimit(2) analogue for Erlang

Richard O'Keefe <>
Wed Feb 6 23:03:03 CET 2013

Just today, I saw Matthew Evans'

	This pertains to a feature I would like to see
	in Erlang.  The ability to set an optional
	"memory limit" when a process and ETS table is
	created (and maybe a global optional per-process
	limit when the VM is started).  I've seen a few
	cases where, due to software bugs, a process size
	grows and grows; unfortunately as things stand
	today the result is your entire VM crashing -
	hopefully leaving you with a crash_dump. 

	Having such a limit could cause the process to
	terminate (producing a OOM crash report in
	erlang.log) and the crashing process could be
	handled with supervisor rules.  Even better you
	can envisage setting the limits artificially low
	during testing to catch these types of bugs early on.

in my mailbox.  I have seen too many such e-mail messages.
Here's a specific proposal.  It's time _something_ was done
about this kind of problem.  I don't expect that my EEP is
the best way to deal with it, but at least there's going to
be something for people to point to.

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