[eeps] EEP about pseudo-assignment for Erlang

ok <>
Wed Feb 6 00:32:45 CET 2013

> I changed a few details; I hope the first were typos that now are correct,
> or else I did not understand even the first example... Please let me know
> if any of these corrections are incorrect.

They were incomplete edits and your corrections are all correct.

>  [EmacsVar]: <> "fill-column: 70"
>  [EmacsVar]: <> "coding: latin1"
>  [EmacsVar]: <> "End:"
> +[VimVar]: <> " vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 expandtab shiftwidth=4
> softtabstop=4: "

The document as submitted was in Latin-1, not UTF-8.
The one place it matters is in the name "Loïc".  The
encoding declarations should agree.

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