2 Windows NT

This chapter describes the OS specific parts of OTP which relate to Windows NT.

2.1  Introduction

A normal installation of NT 4.0, with service pack 4 or later, is required for an embedded Windows NT running OTP.

2.2  Memory Usage

RAM memory of 96 MBytes is recommended to run OTP on NT. A system with less than 64 Mbytes of RAM is not recommended.

2.3  Disk Space Usage

A minimum NT installation with networking needs 250 MB, and an additional 130 MB for the swap file.

2.4  Installation

Normal NT installation is performed. No additional application programs are needed, such as Internet explorer or web server. Networking with TCP/IP is required.
Service pack 4 or later must be installed.

Hardware Watchdog

For Windows NT running on standard PCs with ISA and/or PCI bus there is a possibility to install an extension card with a hardware watchdog.

See also the heart(3) reference manual page in Kernel.

2.5  Starting Erlang

On an embedded system, the erlsrv module should be used, to install the erlang process as a Windows system service. This service can start after NT has booted. See documentation for erlsrv.