ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop

Snowbird, Utah, USA, September 22, 2004

Satellite event of ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, September 19-22, 2004

Erlang is a concurrent, distributed functional programming language aimed at systems with requirements on massive concurrency, soft real time response, fault tolerance and high availability. It has been available as open source for several years creating a community that actively contributes to its already existing rich set of libraries and applications. Originally created for telecom applications, its usage has spread to other domains including e-commerce, banking and computer telephony.

Erlang programs are today the largest applications written in any functional programming language. These applications offer new opportunities to evaluate functional programming and functional programming methods on a very large scale and suggest new problems for the research community to solve.

This workshop will bring together the open source, academic, and industrial functional programming communities. It will enable participants to draw lessons from their experiences and identify research problems and common areas relevant to the practice of functional programming.

Workshop Program
Session I
09.00 Welcome / Registration
09.15 Invited Talk 1
John Hughes, Chalmers University of Technology
09.45 EX11 - A GUI in a Concurrent Functional Language
Joe Armstrong, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
10.15 Monitoring and State Transparency of Distributed Systems
Martin Logan, Futuresource
10.30 Break
Session II
11.00 Trouble Shooting a Large Erlang System
Mats Cronqvist, Ericsson
(pdf, slides)
11.30 Erlang's Exception Handling Revisited
Richard Carlsson, University of Uppsala, Björn Gustavsson, Patrik Nyblom, Ericsson
12.00 HiPE on AMD64
Daniel Luna, Mikael Pettersson, Konstantinos Sagonas, University of Uppsala
12.30 Lunch break
Session III
14.00 Invited Talk 2
Danie Schutte, TEBA Bank
14.30 Erlang Usage in the World
14.45 An External Short Message Entity for Gambling Services
Enrique Marcote, Daniel Iglesia, Carlos Escudero, Universidade da Coruña
15.00 An implementation of SMB Protocol in Erlang
Torbjörn Törnkvist, Nortel Networks
15.15 Flow Graphs for Testing Sequential Erlang Programs
Manfred Widera, Fern Universität Hagen
15.30 Break
Session IV
16.00 Structured Programming Using Processes
Jay Nelson, Duomark International
16.30 On Modelling Agent Systems with Erlang
Carlos Varela, Carlos Abalde, Laura Castro, José Gulias, Universidade da Coruña
16.45 Work in Progress, Short Talks, Please sign up to give one! (html)
17.15 Discussion, Report from the Program Committee, Closing Comments
ICFP Invited Paper (presented on September 21)
  20 Years of Commercial Functional Programming
Ulf Wiger, Ericsson

Workshop Chairman

Program Chairman
Program Committee