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Wed Sep 22 15:27:36 CEST 2021


During the summer we have been working on making it easier to maintain and
develop the website. is today built using the erlang-web platform[1], which is not
actively maintained
anymore and also requires us to have a server running that serves the pages.

Since has no dynamic content, we decided it was time to move to
generate static html pages instead.

The result is

The design and content are roughly the same as the old website. The most
notable changes are:

* The blog will be moved
* New downloads page with all patches
* The documentation has integrated full-text search by algolia[2]
  * Try searching for "lists", "erlang error" or "records"
* Updated and "flattened" docs for more versions

The new website is built using Erlang + Jekyll + Bootstrap and the code is
available here:

We plan to switch the official over to the new version during
the fall. In the
meantime it would be great if you could check it out and report any
problems that you find
either on this mailing list or as issues on

Lukas and the Erlang/OTP team

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