Supervisor got noproc (looks like a bug)

Maria Scott maria-12648430@REDACTED
Thu Sep 9 13:13:35 CEST 2021

> It seems like, the behaviour of the monitor should be changed somehow,

I don't think the general working of monitors can be changed easily, and not without causing far-reaching repercussions =\

> and the code
> seems a little bit outdated due to the async nature of the monitors
> and such tricky race, also, it's 12 years old... :)

Most of the supervisor code is old/old-fashioned, I had my hands in there not too long ago ^^; That said, as it is a very central component to OTP, there is understandably some reluctance to change the battle-tested-by-time old code just for the sake of following the latest trends ;)

> I would like to see, what others add OTP maintainers thinks about this
> behaviour?

Open an issue at That's more likely to catch their attention than the mailing list ;)


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