Using Erlang libs in Elixir

Dominic Morneau dmorneau@REDACTED
Thu Sep 2 05:19:31 CEST 2021

Telemetry is a good example of an Elixir-friendly Erlang lib, especially
the docs:

Some of the general Elixir library guidelines here also apply in Erlang:

The module name isn't a big deal IMHO, users can just do "alias :erl_lib,
as: ErlLib" if it bothers them.


2021年9月2日(木) 8:04 Serge Aleynikov <serge@REDACTED>:

> Is there any guideline for making Erlang projects be more Elixir friendly?
> When developing an Erlang library, it would be nice to have its functions
> callable from Elixir not like:
> :erl_lib.some_fun()
> but rather
> ErlLib.some_fun()
> without needing to write a "glue" module compiled into
> 'Elixir.ErlLib.beam'  that would import all functions from erl_lib and
> export them locally?
> Are there more requirements of some metadata (e.g. '__info__'/1) to be
> included in the Erlang modules?
> Regards,
> Serge
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