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Alberto Perri aperri@REDACTED
Mon Aug 16 13:13:09 CEST 2021

Hello Erlang friends,

i have been trying to run InfluxDB client for Erlang. You will find it at Could any of you explain to me how to run it. 

In the erflux_sup.erl file there is a line of code after the Dyalizer section which states which erflux_http module must to pass to add_erflux/1 function
-spec add_erflux( Name :: atom() ) -> statup_result().
%% @doc Starts instance of erflux with a given name. If name other than erflux_http, pid() versions of erflux_http functions have to be used.
add_erflux(Name) ->
  add_erflux_internal( Name, #erflux_config{} ).a

Alternatively the file states that it can be run using the following Erlang BIFS

Starting with default settings:


in above BIF "application:ensure_all_started(erflux), " erflux is mentioned, but regardless of whether  I use erflux_http or eflux i get the following error

application:ensure_all_started(erflux), erflux_sup:add_erflux(erflux_http), erflux_http:get_databases().
** exception error: undefined function erflux_sup:add_erflux/1

I have compiled the *.erl files using "rebar3 compile" and can see the beam files in the ebin directories from the various applications. Can someone please help

Best regards,

  Alberto Perri

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