Connecting cluster with different cookies

Stanislav Ledenev s.ledenev@REDACTED
Mon Aug 9 22:04:14 CEST 2021

Just  couple of thoughts:

Wouldn't the removal of erlang:set_cookie() have a huge impact on one of
the cool
features of Erlang - dynamic reconfiguration of the running system without
stopping it?
This function is the only dynamic way of setting a cookie. Two others are
static, i.e.
through the file and command line parameter.

And also for security demanding applications which work within insecure
environments erlang:set_cookie() is a very useful function. I.e. read cookie
(which changes in time) from a trusted storage and set it without stopping
whole system.

пн, 9 авг. 2021 г. в 20:08, Peter-Henry Mander <phmander@REDACTED>:

> Hi Raimo,
> Thanks for asking (-:
> We've found this erlang:set_cookie/2 function to be very handy in
> Operations, to be able to launch a remote shell connecting to nodes in a
> collection of clusters, each with different cookies. E.g. someone has
> opened a quote in the to_erl shell, leaving the shell "broken" (please,
> don't snigger...) in the heat of an incident.
> The use case is hardly critical, but the ability to swap cookies will be
> missed.
> Pete.
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