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Roberto Ostinelli ostinelli@REDACTED
Wed Aug 4 20:19:28 CEST 2021

> One feature that my team is missing is the ability to register a process
> multiple times under different keys. We have been helping ourselves by
> spawning "forwarders" that register on behalf of our process and die
> with it.
> (If this got implemented in the meantime then we've missed it. Our
> infrastructure requires us to freeze our libraries for long time periods
> and so whatever version works for us gets used for a long time. We even
> patch warnings ourselves when we change to a newer elixir version.)

Hi Oliver,
It looks like you're still using v1, because you can register a process
multiple times under different keys in v2.

On a side note: you should consider upgrading to v2 given that the mnesia
dependency was completely removed as per v2.1, which means that dynamic
node membership (dynamic addition / removal of nodes to the cluster) and
net splits are handled way better.

Thank you for your feedback,
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