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We have CT suites using proper on a few projects:

   - (best use the modernize branch)

They can be mode long running by upping the number of iterations.


Am Mo., 9. März 2020 um 17:51 Uhr schrieb Pablo Costas Sánchez <

> Hi everyone,
> I'm a CS undergrad student currently expanding PropEr to allow
> parallelized and distributed testing as my final project.
> I'm at the point where I'm about to start measuring the speedup of my
> patched PropEr, but I'm lacking enough projects using PropEr to start
> judging the execution times of either version, so I was wondering if you
> knew of any open-source project using PropEr (bonus points if their
> property-based tests take a long time to finish).
> Best regards,
> Pablo Costas.


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