how to retrieve SSL certificate informations?

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Mon Mar 9 13:16:16 CET 2020

Hi Marc,

This is a very timely topic in a current project I’m working on at the moment.  We need to determine the expiration date of a certificate as well as generate a self-signed one, which I see this module does as well.  Could you please isolate it in a separate library so we can include it in our list of OSS components?


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Hi Benoît,

If the below is what you are looking for, then I can also isolate it in a separate library app for inclusion in your projects.

- Marc

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Hi Benoit,

Maybe this helps:<>

Cheers, Marc
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How can I get informations about an SSL certificate ? Specifically I am looking for a way to retrieve the issuer, subject, and the  serial number of the certificate.

The record I get from decoding using public_key functions is hard to parse so any help is welcome. Maybe there is already an api/app somewhere for it?


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