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Lloyd R. Prentice lloyd@REDACTED
Wed Oct 9 18:39:23 CEST 2019

Hi Tristan,

I much look forward to reading your book. 

I’ve had questions recently about how to release Erlang apps into the wild. There seems to be little information on the web or in the literature that explores security issues. I’ve also recently explored Linux containers and wondered about synergies with Erlang.

So, thanks for this work.

Best wishes,


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> On Oct 9, 2019, at 11:38 AM, Tristan Sloughter <t@REDACTED> wrote:
> Adopting Erlang (https://adoptingerlang.org/), a booksite for documenting how to do production Erlang, integrate within a company and build a team, has grown by a few chapters since the site went live a couple months ago, so I felt it was time to announce on the mailing list :).
> The most recently released chapter is on building Docker images https://adoptingerlang.org/docs/production/docker/, coming soon will be a chapter on Kubernetes and one on handling dependencies with rebar3. And there were already a number of important and interesting topics covered, see Hard Things to Get Right (https://adoptingerlang.org/docs/development/hard_to_get_right/) in particular.
> Below is the original announcement for Adopting Erlang that was posted on elixirforum.org.
> ---
> Adopting Erlang is a collaborative effort between myself (Tristan), Fred Hebert and Evan Vigil-McClanahan. It is an ongoing effort to gather all the resources that will help you use Erlang in a business. The booksite is divided in three sections focusing particularly on Erlang/OTP’s higher level concepts in the current open source ecosystem, how to use it in production (while setting up a pipeline for continuous development and delivery), and how to build a team when you’re starting from scratch.
> The booksite is currently a work in progress, and updates will regularly be posted, aiming for a chapter per month. You can come back here to check for new material, or follow the authors on social media to get notifications, at least until we add some RSS Feed in here.
> As more chapters become available we will comment on this thread with an update, however here’s what we have planned so far:
>    Development
>        Supervision Trees
>        Dependencies
>        Umbrella Projects
>        Configuration
>        Documentation
>        Testing
>        Hard Things to Get Right
>            Unicode
>            Time
>            SSL
>    Production
>        Releases
>        Docker
>        Kubernetes
>        Operations
>            Remote access
>            Metrics
>            Logging
>            Tracing
>    Team Building
>        Who to Put on the Team
>        Repository Structures
>        Processes
>        How to Hire
> Read it online here: http://adoptingerlang.org/
> Comments and fixes for the text can be made on the repository https://github.com/adoptingerlang/adoptingerlang
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