[erlang-questions] Famous threads?

Yestin L. Harrison yestin@REDACTED
Wed May 29 05:17:08 CEST 2019

Thank you, all; I appreciate the sentiment. There are definitely some
links on this Spawned Shelter page that weren't already in my bookmarks.
:) Perhaps, though, I should clarify just how "relative" "relatively
green" was supposed to mean: I'm two years and three main projects deep,
and know how to operate a search engine; it's just that I haven't yet
judged myself fit to "break into the industry", nor have I participated
awfully much in the broader Erlang community. The most informative talks
I've seen, by and large, come from 2009-2014, and my picture of where
things stand gets progressively hazier after that. The sorts of
questions I still end up having are: "Should I bother  maintaining a
makefile for libraries I intend to release or does everyone just  use
rebar3 now?", "If I'm writing a source-to-source compiler for a well-
established DSL in the vein of `asn1ct` or `snmpc`, should I take pains
to stay as consistent as possible with the various modules listed in
`erl_compile`?", or "What sense do I make of all these undocumented yet
invaluable functions like io:request/2”? I'm currently /specifically/
curious  as to whether there are insights or bits of history hiding in
the  erlang-questions archive in particular, snapshots of the zeitgeist,
lesser-known aphorisms from the creators, that sort of thing. I'm
looking to develop my personal almanac of the Erlang ecosystem and
community, as it were, so I can stop feeling that no matter how much
reference material I pore over I'm still on the outside looking in, at
least as it regards how other Erlang programmers actually operate today.

I hope that makes sense; I understand what I'm ultimately asking is
somewhat vague.

On 5/28/19 07:17, Juan Martín Guillén wrote:
> The one Brujo is mentioning is great, I did't know about it.
> I would add Learn You Some Erlang: https://learnyousomeerlang.com/
> And of course for the people of your generation the audiovisual and 
> acclaimed "Erlang: The Movie": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKfKtXYLG78
> And the sequel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRbY3TMUcgQ
> Regards,
> Juan Martín.
> El martes, 28 de mayo de 2019 10:42:19 ART, Brujo Benavides 
> <elbrujohalcon@REDACTED> escribió:
> Hi Yestin,
> You can start with the links and references from http://spawnedshelter.com/
> Cheers!
> On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 10:36 AM Yestin L. Harrison <yestin@REDACTED 
> <mailto:yestin@REDACTED>> wrote:
>     I'm still relatively green to all this Erlang business. Considering
>     that this
>     list's first message predates my birth by a few months, and seeing
>     references
>     to threads everywhere from recordings of Erlang talks to
>     StackOverflow answers,
>     I was wondering if anyone could name any sort of "required reading"
>     as it
>     concerns design philosophy, shared culture, programming style, unspoken
>     guidelines, heuristics, or anything else under the sun, that may only be
>     obvious to relative veterans of this list. For instance, Garrett
>     Smith's "Why
>     the Cool Kids Don't Use Erlang" (2014) mentions the then-recent
>     "bikeshed
>     thread" that was apparently notorious enough to warrant a survey,
>     and I can't
>     for the life of me dig that out of the archive. If I can compile a
>     list of
>     such things, I may well be able to upload that somewhere for others'
>     future
>     reference.
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