[erlang-questions] How to view the content of memory using gdb

Lukas Larsson lukas@REDACTED
Tue May 21 09:33:09 CEST 2019


If you upgrade to Erlang/OTP vsn 20.3 or later this information is part of
the crash dump so that you can use tools such as crash dump viewer to get
this information.

If you want etp to not cut data you need to do:

  set $etp_max_depth = 20000
  set $etp_max_string_length = 10000

before you call any term printing function. You can also print the entire
heap of the process using:

   etp-heapdump p

This will dump a lot of data that will need to dig through to try to find
what is taking all of the memory.

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