[erlang-questions] netmap, UDP, and Erlang

Jacob jacob01@REDACTED
Mon Mar 25 20:02:51 CET 2019


On 3/25/19 6:28 PM, Fred Hebert wrote:
> The big problem is really the poor support for netmap to be built as a
> kernel module on Ubuntu. Otherwise it works.
> Other things to look into might be those named at
> https://lwn.net/Articles/719850/ -- namely af_packet which I heard
> should be easier to deal with, but have no experience with.

In a former (Linux/C++ based)  product we have used the pcap library to
analyse high volume video data (TCP) on the fly which in turn used
AF_PACKET with the memory mapped ring buffer feature enabled. This has
worked without issues (as long as you don't reference the data in the
buffer too long) and relatively low system load and successfully
prevented us from using netmap. Unfortunately this didn't involve Erlang
and I cannot provide more details, since this was about 6 years ago and
I no longer have access to the code.



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