[erlang-questions] UNC filename handling

Steve Strong steve@REDACTED
Thu Mar 21 16:36:00 CET 2019


Seeing a strange thing on Windows systems:

(foo@REDACTED)55> file:list_dir("z:/Signal-53-mp4/frame_store").             

(foo@REDACTED)56> file:list_dir("//HB-SVR/Video/Signal-53-mp4/frame_store"). 

Z: is mapped to //HB-SVR/Video, so I would have expected these two commands to produce the same result, but the one going through the UNC form is giving the wrong answer (the contents of the frame_store folder are “100”, “2121”, “2142" and “2161” as the call through the mapped drive correctly returned).  This issue, in turn, causes other commands such as filelib:wildcard to return the incorrect results when handed UNC paths.

This is running Erlang 21.2 / erts 10.2

Is this a known issue, or am I misunderstanding how the UNC paths should behave?


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