[erlang-questions] Good form

Donald Steven t6sn7gt@REDACTED
Thu Mar 14 23:12:35 CET 2019

Sometimes, when a variable is bound then used only once in a function 
call, it seems easier just to just use what it is bound to directly in 
the function call, bypassing the first step.

Here's an example:

hd(lists:nth(maps:get(templateTag, Event), 
agitatedSoundResources(maps:get(scalarTag, Event), maps:get(registerTag,
Event), maps:get(transpositionTag, Event))))).

Alternatively, I could have declared, for example, a raft of variable 
like ElementNumber, ElementTag, TemplateTag, etc.

I realize that this all-in-one-compact version tends towards inscrutabel 
c code liek &X++ ?.

How do you approach the temptation to avoid discrete steps in favor of 



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