[erlang-questions] State of use_srtp ext in DTLS and TLS 1.3 support.

Albin Stigö albin.stigo@REDACTED
Thu Mar 14 12:29:15 CET 2019


I'm working on an Erlang WebRTC peer client (to send audio/video to
the browser).

WebRTC requires dtls-srtp and that in turn requires:

1. The use_srtp extension for key exchange.
2. Multiplexing of stun/turn/srtp packets on the socket.

I know there's been work towards use_srtp and it's even in the source,
but commented out. Ingela has been working on it for OTP 2, I believe,
is there an ETA on this feature?

Is multiplexing on the DTLS socket already possible using the cb_info?
Has anyone tried that?



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