[erlang-questions] wxWidgets 3.1.2

Tue Mar 5 23:37:42 CET 2019

Thanks for you feedback!  Really appreciate it.  Went back and realized 
that I didn't have the wxStyledTextControl enabled (--enable-stc) for 
the wxWidgets configuration, plus I could also enable compatibility with 
version 2.8.x, which doesn't hurt.  The configuration I ended up using, 
if it might help anyone out there is...

./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64 --sysconfdir=/etc 
--enable-mediactrl --with-opengl --enable-graphics_ctx --with-gtk=3 
--enable-unicode --enable-compat28 --enable-plugins --enable-stc  
--enable-shared --enable-stl --enable-webkit --enable-webview

After recompiling (and packaging) everything, things seem to be working 
fine now...

1> l(wx).
2> wx:new().


On 3/5/19 2:40 PM, Wes James wrote:
> On ubuntu I install what is available in the standard libs and it 
> works.  libwxgtk3.0-dev.  In the past I've toyed with later versions 
> (compile source), but erlang didn't seem to like it.  For awhile the 
> working lib was 2.8, now it's 3.0.
> -wes
> On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 12:09 PM alex@REDACTED 
> <mailto:alex@REDACTED> <alex@REDACTED <mailto:alex@REDACTED>> 
> wrote:
>     Has anyone encountered this same problem... the configuration for
>     v21.2.6 doesn't seem to find the installation of the most recent
>     version (3.1.2) of wxWidgets.  Although the README file under
>     lib/wx identifies wxWidgets 2.8.* as target, version 3.0.* seem to
>     have been working.
>     Thanks,
>     Alex
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