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> Hi folks,
> Seeing a lot of interesting stuff coming out of CodeBeam SF talking about
> Elixir and how it can leverage the Erlang platform and libraries. There are
> some really interesting Elixir projects there, and loads elsewhere.
> I haven?t looked into it much but from what I can tell Elixir takes full
> advantage of BEAM - there?s no special runtime or VM stuff happening, and
> the compiler just creates standard beam files, right? - and Elixir can use
> Erlang deps without any particular effort, just pull in via ?mix? - but
> there?s been no obvious mechanism created to expose Elixir back to Erlang,
> so there's no *obvious* way to pull in Elixir deps in an Erlang project.
> Meaning any new Erlang code can immediately be used in Elixir projects, but
> the reverse isn?t true; Erlang projects can?t easily get access to any of
> the heaps of new Elixir libraries being written.
> Is that right, or am I missing something? Is there a way to do this? Are
> there language-level reasons or extensions which mean this isn?t possible
> anyway? If not, what would be involved? Would it be possible for rebar3 to
> support this, so that erlang projects could just include elixir libraries
> as deps? Perhaps via a plugin that (for example) calls out to the Elixir
> compiler in the way the port compiler does for C code? How complex would
> that be?
You might find this helpful to read:


Onorio Catenacci
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