[erlang-questions] Patch Package OTP 22.0.6 Released

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Wed Jul 10 18:08:28 CEST 2019


On 10/07/2019 10:18, Erlang/OTP wrote:
>   ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>   --- POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITIES -------------------------------------
>   ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>    OTP-15949    Application(s): dialyzer, hipe
>                 The HiPE compiler would badly miscompile certain
>                 try/catch expressions, so it will now refuse to compile
>                 modules containing try or catch.
>                 As a consequence of this, dialyzer will no longer
>                 compile key modules to native code.

This means --enable-native-libs is now broken. Results in:

hipe.erl: native-code compilation failed because of an unimplemented 
instruction (catch).

That's a bit rough.

Is HiPE just going to slowly rot or are there plans to revive it somehow 
(official or not)? Wondering if I should just give up on testing against it.


Loïc Hoguin

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