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Lawrence Ansell lawrence.ansell@REDACTED
Wed Jul 10 12:44:11 CEST 2019

Code Elixir LDN is on 18 July.

12 talks and 3 training courses available.

Please visit: https://codesync.global/conferences/code-elixir-ldn-2019/

Lawrence Ansell
Conference Marketing Co-ordinator

W: www.codesync.global
E: lawrence.ansell@REDACTED


Code Sync & Erlang Solutions Conferences

Code Elixir LDN 
<https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66sbcx> - London: 18 
July 2019

Code BEAM Lite BD 
<https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66scls> - Budapest: 
20 September 2019

Code BEAM Lite NYC 
<https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66scvd> - NYC: 01 
October 2019

RabbitMQ Summit 
<https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66sd8l> - London: 4 
November 2019

Code Mesh LDN 
<https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66sd8x> - London: 7-8 
November 2019

Code BEAM Lite India - Bangalore: 14 November 2019

BEAM Lite AMS <https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66sdbs> 
- Amsterdam: 29 November 2019

Lambda Days 
<https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/l/23452/2019-06-24/66sdcd> - Kraków: 
13-14 February 2020

Code BEAM SF - San Francisco: 5-6 March 2020

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