[erlang-questions] Modern Cuttlefish?

Andrew Thompson andrew@REDACTED
Wed Oct 31 15:19:29 CET 2018

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 11:41:31AM -0400, Code Wiget wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Do any of you use/have/know of a “modern” version of cuttlefish? Cuttlefish is great because it allows for easy user configuration, an advanced configuration, and easy mappings, but then you create a release and get errors like this with 0 context:
> > Cuttlefish failed! Oh no!
> You uncomment what you added, and still get a failure. Then you delete the commented section, and maybe it will decide to work.
> Is there a more modern version of this for Erlang? I see the last development for Cuttlefish was years ago. I’m sure the kids these days are using something

There's several forks of cuttlefish on github that are more modern.
Maybe we can get a bunch of interested parties together and update the
basho version (I have commit access to the basho org) with the fixes
needed to make it work on OTP 20/21 and start getting PRs flowing again.


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