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Tue Oct 30 18:14:11 CET 2018

Sorry, late night finger flub.
I meant -compile(export all).
Good ideas coming together. I'll try to summarize what we have so far anon.
Best wishes to all.
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About your items:
- not sure about module headers. But yeah, @doc in every module is a good guideline
- no idea what you mean by this. I've never seen a -configure line in an Erlang module
- just for exported ones I would say

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Hi All,
Terrific list, Brujo!
Mind if I pare it down for Erlang and add a few very fundamental items that experienced Erlang programmers take for granted, but newcomers may miss:
--  Nicely formatted module header (Is there a convention? Thoughts welcome)
--  Uncomment -exort(xxx and and comment -configure(xxx lines
-- @doc and -spec documentation of functions (Just exported or all in module?)
-- Anything else we're missing?
Among other things, how should versions be handled in module headers given that we have an application version and perhaps a mix of module versions?
Roger and Loïc:
I couldn't agree with you more about specific statement of what the code does and who it would benefit. And Loïc's other tips are well taken.
I'll try to work them all in and send updated checklist anon.
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Hi Lloyd,
This is the checklist we have at Inaka: [ https://github.com/inaka/guidelines/blob/master/OPEN-SOURCE.md ]( https://github.com/inaka/guidelines/blob/master/OPEN-SOURCE.md )

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With the generous help of Frank Muller, I recently created the erlPress_core repository on GitHub.
Make a few blunders along the way. Still feel shaky about my responsibilities for nurturing the repository.
So I'd like to create and share a step_by_step checklist for other Erlang noobs preparing to share code on GitHub with the Erlang community.
Please send my your ideas.
I'd like to do the same for releasing Erlang applications into production, but I'll hold on that for another time.
Many thanks,
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