[erlang-questions] Code Mesh LDN 2018 & #OpenErlang London party!

Areege Al Zubaidi areege.alzubaidi@REDACTED
Wed Oct 24 16:54:51 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I wanted to flag Code Mesh LDN 2018 to you. If you’re not already aware,
Code Mesh LDN is a niche, alternative programming conference that brings
academia and industry together under the ethos of share, learn, inspire.

The conference covers a number of programming languages, namely Erlang,
Haskell, Scala, Python, Clojure, LISP, Rust, Pony, etc over two days. The
conference organisers have carefully curated the talks to firmly advocate
using the right tool for the job.

>From an Erlang and Elixir point of view, Code Mesh LDN 18 offers a tutorial
with Erlang co-creator Joe Armstrong
who is also speaking <https://codesync.global/speaker/joe-armstrong/> at
the conference. But that’s not all:


   Maxim Fedorov <http://codesync.global/speaker/maxim-fedorov/> will be
   speaking about his work with Erlang at WhatsApp

   Ulf Wiger <http://codesync.global/speaker/ulf-wiger/> will be there with
   a talk on Erlang and blockchain

   Natalia Chechina <http://codesync.global/speaker/natalia-chechina/>, one
   of the core writers of Erlang SD, will speak on co-operative robots sharing
   the load

   Danil Fedotov <http://codesync.global/speaker/danil-fedotov/>, Erlang
   and Elixir contributor and RabbitMQ core contributor will be speaking about
   his work with RabbitMQ

   Peter Saxton <http://codesync.global/speaker/peter-saxton/>, Elixir
   developer will speak on his Raxx project

   Last but not least, Carl Hewitt
   <http://codesync.global/speaker/carl-hewitt/>, founder of the Actor
   Model, is keynoting!

Don’t forget, #OpenErlang, the campaign celebrating 20 years since Erlang
was open sourced, is coming to London after a world tour, including San
Francisco and Stockholm! The #OpenErlang party is free to attend and will
take place on Thursday 08 November, at the Code Mesh LDN venue. RSVP here

Learn more about the conference, and the 2018 speakers:

What: Code Mesh LDN 2018

When: 08-09 November 2018

Where: Ilec Conference Centre, Fulham, London

*How to attend:*


   Attend the conference
   Secure a standard rate ticket to the conference before 01 November. You
   can find out more and register here


   Volunteer with the Code Mesh LDN team
   <https://codesync.global/conferences/code-mesh-2018/#Volunteers> to get
   access to talks, networking opportunities and unlimited coffee!
   close today.*


   Student tickets
   Code Mesh LDN offers a 50% discount to students. To learn more, email
   info@REDACTED from your academic email address to get a unique
   discount code.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know,

I hope to see you there!


*Areege Al Zubaidi*
*Conferences Marketing Executive*

T: +44 (0) 2076550332
W: www.codesync.global
A: Erlang Solutions Ltd, The Loom,14 Gower's Walk, London, E1 8PY

*Code Sync & Erlang Solutions Conferences*

Code Mesh LDN <https://codesync.global/conferences/code-mesh-2018/> -
London - 8-9 November 2018

RabbitMQ Summit <https://rabbitmqsummit.com/> - London - 12 November 2018

Code BEAM Lite <https://codesync.global/conferences/cbl-amsterdam-2018/> -
Amsterdam - 30 November 2018

Code BEAM Lite <https://codesync.global/conferences/cbl-munich-2018/> -
Munich - 7 December 2018

Lambda Days <http://www.lambdadays.org/lambdadays2019> - Kraków - 21-22
February 2019

Code BEAM SF <https://codesync.global/conferences/code-beam-sf-2019/> - San
Francisco - 28 February - 1 March 2019

ElixirConf EU <https://www.elixirconf.eu/> - Prague: 8-9 April 2019

Code BEAM STO <https://codesync.global/conferences/code-beam-sto-2019/> -
Stockholm: 16-17 May 2019

Code Elixir LDN - London: 18 July 2019

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